Wurm Cooking by Meredit (Locath / Kawopij)

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Dishes with duplicates have signifficantly shorter affinity timer but allow for much higher weight.

Food generated so far: 192795

Food Generator:
Meal made using plain oven, bear meat (whole), corn (whole) gave you this affinity:
Choose which affinity you want from the generated meal or pizza:
Choose number of additional ingredients:  
Choose number of sausages in pizza (for mad affinity timers):
Choose your cooker type and rarity:

If you don't have some of the ingredients,
you can generate a new combination.

If you don't have some of the ingredients,
you can generate a new combination.

Meal Generator:

Meals are much easier to make than pizzas. If you don't have a way to store foor long term, this saves time redoing a complicated recipe.
All meals contain meat. Vegetable is not forced so small chance exists that generator will try to make one without any vegetables but that would be extremely rare.

Pizza Generator:

When making the pizza, basic ingredients are Dough, Meat and Passata. Container is Baking Stone. Prepare the pizza outside of the oven because once Wurm finds a valid combination, your pizza might bake before you put all the ingredients in.

Passata: tomato, garlic, any herb in a pottery bowl, activate a fork, use on bowl, stir vigorously.
Dough: flour and water.
Bread: dough in baking stone in oven.
Slice of bread: use knife on bread (produces 6 slices).
Breadcrumbs: use mortar&pestle on Slice of bread.
Sausage casing: use knife on bladder.
Minced meat: use knife on meat to dice it and then again to mince it.
Sausage: minced meat (of the type generator shows, so for horse sausage use minced horse meat and so on), fat, breadcrumbs  in sausage casing. Put in lit oven loose, not in a container.

Currently, for testing, all pizzas contain dough, passata, meat (3 required ingredients for Fullhouse Pizza), cheese, bacon, ground sipce and sausage.

If generator tells you to use impossible ingredient (chopped salt) or ingredient which doesn't work with meal/pizza (fruit) please /tell Kawopij ingame. Not all relations are set correctly yet.

Not an affiliate of Wurm Online, Code Club AB or anyone elsee

Kawopij (Locath) - Working out the system in December 2016, code and frontend.
Tris-  Working out the system in December 2016, testing.
Pepejot - Working out the system in December 2016, testing.
Ghuljan- Testing the generator over 2 nights (not evenings, until early morning!), provided missing ingredients.
Wiluss - Testing the generators.
Alyeska- Testing the generators and helping with figuring out relations between ingredients, surviving after eating what the generator told her to cook.
Larani - Provided 90% of the ingredients, cheerleading.